When we arrive at your home we hone in on the opportunities to make your life easier and make spaces more functional. You probably love your personal collection of things, so rest assured, unless you are ready to let some things go, our intention is to organize, not necessarily get rid of stuff – that is your choice to make.

Home Office Organizing & Decluttering

We aim to harmonize the office with beauty, comfort and efficiency. While at your desk, reach for what you need, display appropriate video conference backgrounds with proper lighting, and find important records in organized files.

Kitchen Efficiencies & Logic

A lot is required of the kitchen space. Efficiency is important and accommodations for each family member need to be considered. Allowing everyone to easily find what they like in ‘stations’ for brewing coffee, baking family favorites and building oatmeal bowls.

Art Studio, Craft & Hobby Room Clarity & Inspiration

This room becomes a catch-all for the entire family. We consider what materials belong in this room and what needs to be relocated to more appropriate locations in the house.

Wardrobes, Laundry, Linen Closets & the Bath

Having a spa-like bathroom adds an extra perk to our daily lives and makes us feel special. Lighting, colors, and efficient use of a small space are some of the elements impacting this area. Doing laundry can be more joyful in a space that suits your style and is suited for the job.

Rental Home Set-up & Optimize Presentation

Organizing and presenting your rental home in the best possible way will encourage more attention and increased rentals of your property. Equipping the accommodations with the right comforts and best room arrangements will bring repeat happy visitors and positive reviews.

Whole House Staging, Relocation Preparations, Unpacking & Styling

This timber frame farmhouse with exposed beams had no built in storage and an open floor plan. We solved this client’s challenging puzzle with beautiful room flow and efficient functional storage solutions.

Let us help you.